The results are recorded in the table. What is the average atomic mass of Copper? Isotope Mass (amu) Percent Abundance Copper-63 62.98 69.1% Copper-65.... Copper-63 has an atomic mass of 62.9298 amu and an abundance of 69.09%. The other isotope, Copper-65 has an abundance of 30.91%. The average atomic.... The isotope copper-63 has an atomic mass of 62.9 amu and a percent natural abundance of 69.1%. The isotope copper-65 has a percent natural abundance of 30.9%. What is ... 4 Points. Calculate the percent by weight of carbon in CH4O.. Calculate the Average Atomic Mass of an Element (amu). Copper-63 69.17 x 62.93 amu = 4353 amu; Copper-65 30.83 x 64.93 amu = 2002 amu; Total Mass.... Oct 15, 2000 PROBLEM: Copper has 2 isotopes that are fairly common in nature: copper-63 and copper-65. The average atomic mass for copper is 63.546.... 0.15 % in the isotopic abundances of copper isotopes, and given the ... the lowest reported 65Cu value in a naturally occurring sample is 7.65 (x(65Cu).... Isotopes are atoms of the same elements that have different masses. ... Average Atomic Masses of Elements: the weighed average of the atomic masses ... Naturally occurring copper consists of 69.17% copper-63, which has an atomic mass of. 62.929 599 amu, and 30.83% copper-65, which has an atomic mass of 64.927... 538a28228e

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